BiopelleTensage Serum


Want intensive results everyday? You got it! Welcome to a high level of SCA Technology, with Tensage®  Serum SCA 15 Biorepair Index. This elegant, oil-free serum delivers the highest level of SCA natural growth factor available in a daily use product. Antioxidants, humectants, and brightening agents have been added for additional skin rejuvenation results. Making Tensage® Serum SCA 15 Biorepair Index part of your regular skin care regimen will help promote skin health. Tensage®Serum is perfect if you want to improve the appearance of mild to moderate sun damage.

  • help improve the visible signs of aging
  • helps restore the skin’s elasticity, tone and texture
  • helps increase the skin’s brightness and luminosity
  • helps protect the skin against free radicals that can cause further damage


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ABOUT Biopelle
Delivering a range of products essential to physician-provided skin care; biopelle uses evidence-based ingredients, enhanced by unique, patented technologies.

Key Ingredients: SCA 15
  • All skin types
  • Aging
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Post-procedure
  • Sensitive
  • Dehydrated
  • Thoroughly cleanse your skin. Pat dry. Apply Tensage® Serum over affected area. 1-3 pumps should be sufficient, depending on size of affected area. Allow the serum to absorb into your skin. Apply once or twice daily or as directed by your physician.
    Weight 4 oz