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Baby Quasar brings professional grade skin care tools to your home with its innovative light therapy devices that are simple and painless. Each device features advanced LED pulse technology that addresses common skin concerns such as aging, lack of firmness, acne and inflammation and more.


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Red light therapy builds collagen/elastin to reduce wrinkles


As we age, the body reduces its production of collagen and elastin, the key building blocks of healthy skin. Medical science has found when light-red, dark-red, and amber combined with infrared light is applied to affected skin, the results include the production of new collagen and elastin.

NASA studies have determined that red and infrared light therapy accelerates the growth of healthy skin cells by 150-200 percent, causing rapid improvement in the appearance and health of the affected areas. Red light treatment is completely safe and has no reported side effects. *NASA Light-Emitting Diode Technology Brings Relief In Clinical Trials.


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Blue light therapy Kills p. acne bacteria to reduce acne


These Blue Light therapy beauty tools attack blemishes at their core without the need for oral medications. Unlike other treatments such as drying topical products, the results achieved with your Baby Blue will endure, lasting weeks and months only requiring occasional maintenance treatments. These Blue Light therapy tools are FDA-cleared Class II medical tools.

When used in conjunction with the Red Light therapy tools for wrinkles, you will enjoy the fastest and most complete total skin care results available with any beauty tool system. We recommend using this blue light to prevent blemishes that come from natural hormonal changes in the body.


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